Face Washes that Won’t Irritate Sensitive & Acne Prone Skin

We encounter different elements each day, that is not good for the skin’s health, including makeup and pollution. During the whole day, the hands touch various grimy surfaces packed with bacteria, and even the beloved smartphones have germs that easily get transferred on the skin. Further, by the end of the day, the impurities, dirt and pollutants get built upon the surface of the skin, making it prone to acne. Hence, the ultimate secret of healthy and radiant skin is an excellent cleansing routine.

Cleansing is essential for all skin types; however, it becomes crucial to cleanse skin that’s prone to sensitivity and acne thoroughly. Cleansing with a face wash helps get rid of impurities as well as dead cells that prevents various skin conditions, including inflammation and acne outbreaks. Hence, finding the right face wash for sensitive, acne-prone skin is imperative to have skin feeling soft, supple and radiant.

Fortunately enough, there are several acne face wash for sensitive skin that helps control sebum production, without causing over-drying or redness. Here are a few options that you can consider if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin:

Skin Lightening Face Wash

The city life is exhilarating, but the fast-paced lifestyle with constant exposure to harmful UV rays and nanoparticles can cause pigmentation issues, especially for sensitive skin type. A skin lightening face wash helps to get rid of the stubborn tan that can be quite challenging to remove. The sandalwood and saffron extract present in the formula helps brighten and lighten the skin complexion gradually with every use.

Moreover, it helps in deep cleansing of the skin without stripping off the skin from its moisture and natural oils to keep it healthy and hydrated all time.

Acne Control Face Wash

As the name suggests, this face wash helps treat and control acne as it removes toxins and impurities from the skin gently. It contains antibacterial and antifungal agents like Neem and Tea-Tree in its most potent form. The neem extract moisturises the skin keeping it feeling soft and makes the dermis appear more clear. On the other hand, the tea tree extract helps in reducing the appearance of skin blemishes and scars. Furthermore, the formulation of acne control face wash fights acne-causing bacteria and prevents the occurrence of pimples or acne.

With each use, the changes are visible as the skin feels youthful and looks blemish-free.

Oil Control Face Wash

The formulation of this face wash helps in removing excess oil from the surface of the skin without making it feel dry. The chemical and pesticide-free oil control face wash is extremely gentle to use on a daily basis. It removes impurities, grime, greasiness, tan and unclogs the pores.

It gently purifies and protects the face from the pollutants present in the air and restores the glistening of the skin. Furthermore, with every use, the skin tone gets brightened up.

Sensitive and acne-prone skin truly need a targeted face wash to help clear the skin and prevent any more acne from forming. All the products at Organic Harvest are certified by global organisations such as EcoCert, OneCert and Natrue to ensure long-term benefits for the skin. There are no traces of harsh chemicals, parabens or any animal ingredients that makes the range of products incredibly gentle, safe and potent.



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