Everybody love rains but the increased levels of humidity during the monsoon makes it difficult to manage the hair. Frizzy hair, dandruff, and hair fall are some of the common problems that we all tend to face. Constant exposure to contrasting climatic conditions from extreme heat in the summer to the damp monsoons takes a toll on the hair, leaving it unmanageable. The extreme variations in the weather strips off the outermost layer of the hair strand cuticle, which makes it brittle, rough, prone to dryness and itchy scalp. The key to tame the tresses lies in a simple routine that will help to sail through the rain. While a lot of you might not know, the hair fall increases by 30% in the monsoons.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that will keep your hair healthy and lustrous:

Oiling is a must this Monsoon:

Grandmothers and mothers are right whenever they ask you to oil your hair. Oiling is the key to healthy hair, and it provides the strength from within. Regular oiling can make life simple by ensuring good hair health. The right oil, according to the hair type, will prevent hair fall. Organic hair oil helps in treating all concerns that come with the rainy season. The rosemary, basil and eucalyptus extracts reduce hair fall, thicker and lustrous.

The antibacterial properties help in treating itchy and dry scalp. It also stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. With regular use, the results are unmatched, and you no longer have to spend a fortune on regular spa treatments.

Regular Shampooing is a must:

With the fast-paced life, we’re always on the move. Therefore, there is no escape from getting wet in the rain. At times, bacteria lies on the scalp and causes bacterial infections or fungal infections. It is essential to shampoo hair regularly to remove any residue or particles from the scalp.

The crucial tip here is to regularly cleanse and purify the hair. Hair fall comes along with monsoon season, a mild hair fall control shampoo gently cleanses the scalp, reduces tangles and stimulates blood circulation to promote thicker, stronger and healthier hair.

Do not Skip Hair Conditioner:

The moisture present in the air makes the hair frizzy and even worse. It is advisable to choose a conditioner that helps in keeping frizz at bay. The right organic hair conditioner, according to the hair type, can work wonders for the tresses. It nourishes, moisturises the hair and also improves nutrition of hair cells making it soft, shiny and manageable. Organic Harvest provides hair care products that are free of chemicals like parabens and SLS, among others. Currently, we have a special monsoon offer which includes hair fall control shampoo, conditioner for dry and damage repair and hair oil for hair fall control at just Rs 2100. The offer is only valid till 31st Oct 2019.

Haircare is no longer a nightmare. These simple tips and hacks, included with the monsoon offer, will help you take care of your hair with ease.