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Dry Skin

Buy The Best Organic Skin Care Products For Dry Skin Online In India

Dry skin is one of the most common skin concerns. Every time you wash your face using a face cleanser, your skin appears to be itchy, dry and scaly. So, if not treated well on time, it can further make your skin dull, lifeless and rough to touch. The good news is that the best products for dry skin are all you need to show some extra TLC to your skin.

Organic Harvest offers you a rare collection of skincare products for dry skin which are ultra-moisturising, skin refreshing and most importantly the purest form of natural. Scroll through to explore the entire range of best skincare for dry skin.

What Causes Dry Skin?

One of the prime reasons for dry skin is loss of moisture. This can be due to a lack of moisture retention capacity of the skin including external factors. Some of the most common causes of dry skin are:

  • Nutritional Deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Protein 
  • Lack of Water Consumption During the Day
  • Environmental Stressors
  • Extreme Dry or Hot Weather Conditions 
  • Hot Water Showers
  • Minor Skin Conditions 
  • Harsh Soaps

Benefits of Using Products For Dry Skin

A good set of skincare products for dry skin keeps your skin soft, smooth and  moisturised. Here’s more to the benefits of using dry skincare products:

Intensely Nourishes And Moisturises

Applying skin products for dry skin provides the required nourishment and care to your skin to keep it satiated for moisturisation. It also helps rebuild the skin's natural moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Prevents Premature Skin-Ageing

Skincare products for dry skin fight dryness and protect your skin against environmental stressors to prevent the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. These products improve skin firmness and suppleness making it appear youthful and plump.

Repairs Damaged Skin Texture

Dry skincare products are rich in moisturising and soothing ingredients to soften skin texture and reduce flakiness. It has excellent skin restorative properties to replenish damaged skin tissues and revitalise your skin.

How To Choose The Best Skin Care Products For Dry Skin?

If you’re figuring out which is the right skincare product for dry skin, here’s a short guide for you:

Look For Moisturising Ingredients 

The best products for dry skin come with oodles of moisturising and nourishing benefits. Hence, it is important to look for naturally hydrating elements such as aloe vera, vitamins A, and B, glycerine, saffron, shea butter, ceramides, and coconut oil to attain soft and nourished skin. 

Choose A Gentle and Chemical-Free Formulation

Harsh skincare products can disrupt the natural moisture barrier of the skin making it dry and prone to damage. Read on the label to steer clear of hazardous elements like paraben, sulphates, paraffin, or mineral oils which can worsen dry skin conditions and trigger inflammation or rashes.

Do A Patch Test

Before you opt for any skincare product for dry skin, do a small patch test on your forearms. Observe for the next 24 hours and proceed with further usage if there are no side effects or allergic skin reactions.

Different Types Of Dry Skin Care Products

There are a lot of skincare products for dry skin to keep them soft, plump and super moisturised. Here are some of the great dry skincare products you need to consider: 

Best Selling Organic Dry Skin Products Price List 

Organic Harvest brings you an exclusive collection of dry skincare products in India. Given below is the list of products that treat dry skin problems:



Brightening Facial Kit: Kakadu Plum & Acai Berry

345 INR

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: 100% Pure, 200 ML

395 INR 

Brightening Night Cream: Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry & Rice Water, 50 GM

995 INR

Diamond Glow Facial Kit

251 INR

Youthful Glow Sheet Mask

125 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Organic Glycerine, 200 ML

475 INR

Youthful Glow Facial Kit

295 INR

Youthful Glow Face Wash

225 INR

Shine & Glow Sheet Mask, 20 GM

99 INR

Youthful Glow Face Wash, 100 GM

195 INR

Kumkumadi Radiance Facial Kit: Saffron, Oat Milk & Sandalwood

295 INR

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: 100% Pure, 500 ML

795 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Saffron Extract, 200 ML

495 INR

Youthful Glow Face Serum: Saffron & Oat Milk, 30 ML

599 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Neem & Cucumber Extract, 100 ML

245 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Turmeric Extract, 200ml

495 INR

Advanced Brightening Face Wash, 100 GM

349 INR 

Green Cucumber Toner, 125 ML

445 INR

Desert Range Cleanser, 10 ML

2195 INR

OH Youthful Glow Foaming Face Wash Saffron & Oat Milk, 100 GM

399 INR

Organic Vitamin A Face Cleanser, 100 GM

495 INR

Organic Vitamin A Face Toner, 100 GM

495 INR

Skin Conditioner Sheet Mask- Lavender, 20 GM

125 INR

Last Updated: 24th May 2024

Buy Best Organic Products For Dry Skin 

Organic Harvest offers you a curated range of skincare products for dry skin free from harsh chemicals or synthetic substances. The products include various products from face wash, toner, sheet masks, facial kits and more. The entire face care range for dry skin is produced from rare and exotic plant extracts making them incredibly beneficial and effective with regular use. Explore them now and enjoy shopping for your favourite products to wave goodbye to dry skin!

Shop for Organic Products For Dry Skin and Other Personal Care Products Online 

Organic Harvest brings you a curated collection of dry skincare products which are pure, vegan, and cruelty-free. These products are impregnated with ultra-hydrating and nourishing plant-based extracts to help you attain a healthy, smooth, and wrinkle-free skin appearance. Get your hands on the best skincare products for dry skin including aloe vera gel, sheet masks, serums, and facial kits online on our website.

Organic Harvest is an all-organic beauty brand offering mindful beauty and self-care products including face care, hair care and body care products. These products are 100% certified organic by globally recognised organisations like EcoCert, OneCert, and Natrue. Made with exotic plant-derived ingredients and pure natural oils, these products are potent, gentle and effective with long-term benefits. You can also use our virtual skin analyser to determine the perfect skincare regime for your skin type.

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Q: Is vitamin C good for dry skin?

Vitamin C has a slight astringent effect on the face which can trigger more dryness, inflammation and irritate your skin.

Q: What can I use naturally for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, massage your face with milk cream, curd or coconut oil to heal dryness, soothe inflamed skin and smoothen out damaged skin texture.

Q: How do I treat dry skin daily?

Make sure to opt for a cold shower, apply a rich creamy moisturiser and take enough water to keep your skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Q: Is dry skin good for your face?

No, dry skin can make your skin dull and rough in texture due to moisture loss. If not treated properly, it can trigger dryness, irritation and flakiness.