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Organic Soaps

Organic Soaps

Buy The Best Organic Soaps For Every Skin Type Online In India

Bathing soaps have been the most traditional way to cleanse your skin. The problem with regular soaps is that they contain harsh chemicals and astringent properties which tend to strip off the natural oils from the skin. 

Organic Harvest is on a mission to deliver the purest natural beauty & personal care products. It has launched a wide collection of organic soaps made with premium quality natural ingredients such as lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, frangipani, and lily to name a few. These are the best soaps in India which are 100% vegan, clean, cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types. Read on to explore more about these natural body soaps.

Benefits Of Using Organic Bathing Bars 

Natural soaps are specially designed to elevate your bathing experience. Unlike ordinary bathing soaps, it gently cleanses your body and fights germs without causing skin dryness, itching or irritation. It comes with a soothing sweet scent to refresh your senses, relax the muscles, and deep-condition the skin. It is a must-have to keep your skin squeaky clean without disrupting the natural moisture barrier. These body soaps are sulphate-free, mineral oil-free and paraben-free for your daily shower routine to maintain soft, smooth and healthy skin.

How To Choose the Right Organic Soap For Your Skin Type?

Prefer to buy organic soaps which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The best bathing soaps for your skin type are made of plant-based natural extracts. Here’s a short guide to choosing the right natural soap for your skin:

Look For Natural Ingredients

Read the label on organic soap to pick natural ingredients which are beneficial for your skin type and concerns. You can also choose the right soap based on weather conditions. For instance, you can use sandalwood and mint soaps in summer for freshness, while nourishing soaps like rose and jasmine in winter.

Gentle & Chemical-Free

Regular soaps contain animal ingredients, sulphates and parabens which take away all the moisture from the skin and create an imbalance in the skin’s pH level, making it dry, scaly, and itchy. Hence, use a gentle and soothing soap which is derived from natural ingredients and is paraben-free, sulphate-free, and mineral oil-free.

Do A Patch Test

Use the soap on the small section of your forearms and observe your skin for the next 24 hours. Proceed further only if your skin doesn’t show any allergic reactions or adverse effects of redness or irritation.

Different Types Of Natural Bathing Soaps

Based on different types of plant-based extracts, there are a variety of organic bathing soaps. You can buy soap online on your skin type, needs, and seasonal changes. Here are popular bathing soaps available online:

  • Sandalwood Bathing Soap
  • Jasmine Bathing Soap
  • Charcoal Bathing Soap
  • Lavender Bathing Soap
  • Rose Bathing Soap
  • Gardenia Bathing Soap

Best-Selling Organic Soaps Price List 

If your regular soap makes your skin tight and dry,  it’s time to swap your normal soap with the best organic soap online. Ready to look for natural bathing soaps.? Here’s the list of bathing soaps in India for you to choose from:

Last Updated: 18th July 2024

Buy Best Organic Soaps Online at Best Price

Organic Harvest brings you the best organic soaps made with exotic botanical extracts. These are the best organic soaps in India which provide extensive skincare benefits. These bathing soaps are specially formulated to gently cleanse your skin while retaining its moisture levels. The naturally soothing and aromatic fragrance of these organic soaps elevates your daily body care routine making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated as you step out of the shower. All of these bathing bars are 100% pure, organic and sulphate-free making them a perfect fit for your shower routine to exfoliate, deep cleanse, and soften your skin like no other soap.

Shop For Organic Soaps And Other Face Care Products Online

Organic Harvest bathing bars are made with the purest form of exotic natural ingredients. These organic bathing soaps are carefully designed with potent natural ingredients to offer you the best bathing experience with traditional fragrances. These soaps do not contain any stringent ingredients, synthetic substances, or artificial essence making them incredibly gentle and safe for everyday use.

We are an all-organic brand curating 100% pure, vegan, and purest natural skincare, hair care, and body care products. All of these products are certified by global bodies such as EcoCert, OneCert, and Natrue containing zero traces of harmful chemicals such as sulphates, paraffin, PABA, or mineral oils. The entire range of products is diversified based on specific skin types, hair types and concerns. 

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Q: Is organic soap healthy?

Yes, organic soaps are best for all skin types as it helps deeply cleanse, moisturise, and soothe your skin without making it dull, dry or itchy.

Q: Can I use organic soap on my face?

Organic soaps are infused with skin-nourishing and moisturising plant-based extracts making them incredibly gentle and safe to use on the face.

Q: What is the difference between organic soap and regular soap?

Organic soaps are made of the purest natural plant-derived compounds made without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Unlike regular soaps, they are sulphate-free, paraben-free, and animal fat-free.

Q: What are the ingredients for organic soap?

Organic soaps are made of organic glycerine, sodium palmitate, and sodium cocoate including natural ingredients such as sandalwood, frangipani, lavender, charcoal, and so on.

Q: Can soap be 100% organic?

Yes. Organic bathing bars by Organic Harvest are 100% certified organic products containing no traces of PABA, paraffin, sulphate, mineral oil or animal fat.