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Buy The Best Organic Skincare Products For Acne Prone Skin Online In India

Acne is one of the most common skin problems leaving you with multiple concerns of inflammation, pigmentation and dark spots. And to prevent it, you will need a strong set of acne treatment products which are chemical-free, effective and offer long-term benefits.

Organic Harvest is an all-organic beauty & personal care brand in India which has launched a curated range of anti-acne products. The entire range includes everything right from cleanser, face wash, toner, moisturiser, serum, aloe vera gel and more. 

Scroll down to discover the best products for acne-prone skin you need to add to your face care routine right away!

What Causes Acne?

Acne develops when the hair follicles plugged deep inside pores are clogged due to excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Some of the major factors that contribute to congested pores are air pollutants, humidity in the atmosphere, hormonal imbalance, and excessive sebum production in oily and cobination skin types.

Benefits Of Using Anti-Acne Products

The best acne products are infused with a combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients to clear out pores, control sebum and prevent future breakouts. Here’s more to the benefits of using products for acne:

Treats Acne

The pivotal benefit of skincare for acne-prone skin is acne prevention. The anti-acne products have mild exfoliating properties to purify clogged pores, release trapped sebum and fight the acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the face. It also regulates oil secretion in the skin to prevent clogged pores and future acne or breakouts.

Soothes Post Acne-Inflammation

The acne skin care products also contain anti-inflammatory agents which help soothe inflamed skin and redness due to acne. These products have excellent healing qualities to calm post-acne inflammation and improve bumpy texture leaving you with clear and pimple-free skin.

Minimises Acne Scars

One of the advantages of using skincare products for acne-prone skin is that it helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, blemishes and pigmentation. The skin-lightening compounds and antioxidants repair damaged skin tissues, lighten stubborn pimple marks and enhance the overall skin tone.

How To Choose Products For Acne Prone Skin?

The best products for acne-prone skin are made of plant-derived ingredients and pure organic oils. These plant-based extracts have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to fight acne-causing bacteria, heal inflamed skin and relieve pain due to acne. Here are the key pointers to remember for choosing the right acne treatment product:

Steer Clear The Ingredients 

Before you pick any anti-acne product for your skin, read on the label to know the ingredients list. Look out for a formulation which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant-based organic extracts. These natural ingredients also have mild exfoliating and oil-control abilities to keep your pores clear and tight.

Check On The Product Consistency

The best skincare product for acne comes in a gel-like or water-based form which has fast penetrating qualities. It glides well on the face and doesn't clog pores. Most importantly, it restores moisture balance, regulates sebum levels, and doesn't make your skin greasy. 

Gentle And Chemical-Free

Harsh skincare products strip off the natural oils from the skin causing an imbalance in sebum production. This can be one of the main reasons your skin might produce more oil causing acne & pimples. Hence, it is important to opt for 100% chemical-free, safe, and gentle organic products for acne-prone skin. 

Do A Patch Test

Before you use any of your anti-acne products on your face, apply a small amount of product on your forearms and leave it for 24 hours. Proceed for further use only if you see no adverse reactions such as redness, irritation or itching.

Best Selling Organic Products For Acne Price List 

Organic Harvest offers you a wide range of products for acne-prone skin. Here’s the entire list of acne treatment products for you to choose from based on your preferences.



Rain Forest Day Cream For Acne, 50 GM

2395 INR

Rain Forest Cleanser For Acne, 100 GM

2195 INR

Rain Forest Rinse Off Mask For Acne, 100 GM

2495 INR

Rain Forest Jelly Mask For Acne, 50 GM

2195 INR

Neem Tulsi Toner For Acne, 125 ML

445 INR

Mattifying Face Serum For Acne, 30 ML

599 INR

Mattifying Day Cream For Acne, 50 GM

499 INR

Organic Vitamin B Toner For Acne, 100GM

495 INR

Organic Vitamin B Face Wash For Acne

225 INR

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: 100% Pure, 200 ML 

395 INR

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: 100% Pure, 500 ML 

795 INR

Organic Evening Primrose Oil For Acne, 30ML

495 INR

Organic Argan Oil For Acne, 30 ML

595 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Glycerine, 200 ML

475 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Neem & Cucumber Extract, 200 ML

495 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Turmeric, 200 ML

495 INR

Organic Aloevera Gel With Saffron Extract, 100 ML

245 INR

Mattifying Neem Face Wash For Acne, 100 GM

295 INR

Mattifying Foaming Face Wash, 100 GM

399 INR

Tea Tree Essential Oil, 30 ML

795 INR

Acne Control Face Wash, 100 GM

175 INR

Last Updated: 24th May 2024

Buy Best Organic Products For Acne Online

Organic Harvest has produced the best anti-acne products to combat every concern related to acne-prone skin. The skincare products for acne include aloe vera, moisturiser, toner, face wash, serum,  sheet mask, and more —you name it we have it.  All of these acne treatment products are exfoliating, pore-cleansing and antimicrobial having zero traces of sulphates, parabens, PABA, mineral oil or animal ingredients. Discover the entire range of skincare for acne-prone skin to get rid of pimples, scars and uneven skin tone within a few weeks. 

Shop For Chemical Free Products For Acne And Other Skincare Products Online At Organic Harvest

If you are looking to buy proven organic products for acne-prone skin, Organic Harvest brings you a variety of anti-acne products. These products are derived from plant-based compounds which are ethically sourced without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides.

Organic Harvest is an all-organic brand producing and delivering the purest form of natural skin care products that are 100% pure, chemical free and gentle for everyday use. You can explore a bundle of face care ranges segmented based on your skin type and concerns. So, be it acne, anti-ageing, pigmentation or dry skin we have got you covered. 

To learn more about new product launches and brand updates subscribe to our YouTube channel. Hop on to our Blog to try out basic home remedies for skincare and haircare to save a visit to your dermatologist. Download and sign up for our Best Organic Skin Care Shopping App to enjoy great discounts on shopping for your favourite face care, hair care or personal care products.

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Q: What products to avoid if you have acne?

If you’re suffering from acne, skincare products with harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens or mineral oils. Also, avoid skincare with a thick creamy consistency and makeup which are likely to clog pores, and make acne even worse.

Q: What food makes acne worse?

Foods that are high in sugar or gluten such as white bread, white rice, corn flakes, white potatoes, dairy, and bakery items can be responsible for acne development.

Q: Which moisturiser is best for acne-prone skin?

The best moisturiser for acne prone skin comes in a gel-based texture which absorbs well into the skin, doesn't make your skin look greasy and leaves a hydrating effect. Organic Harvest vitamin B day cream is a 100% certified organic face cream for acne-prone skin.

Q: Does drinking water help acne?

One should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day to aid the process of lymphatic drainage in the face to purify clogged pores, regulate sebum levels, and prevent acne.

Q: How to reduce pimples naturally?

Make sure to deeply cleanse your face twice a day, follow a skincare routine for oily skin, work out at least thrice a week, and add more citrus fruits and veggies to your daily diet. These are the best natural ways to get rid of pimples.

Q: Which fruits cause acne?

One should avoid dry fruits with high glycemic index or sugar levels which can increase the risk of acne.

Q: Should I stop using moisturiser if I have acne?

A moisturiser is a must even if you have acne-prone skin. Skimping on one can cause dryness which signals your skin to produce more oil resulting in acne.