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Dry Lips

Dry Lips

Buy The Best Organic Products For Dry Lips Online In India

Apart from winter, there are several reasons for dry lips. If not treated well, it can further result in cracked skin on the lips and burning sensations. All you need is a moisturising lip balm, natural oil or lip scrub to get rid of flakiness and keep them nourished.

If you’re in search of lip care products for dry lips, look no further. Organic Harvest has come up with a special catalogue of organic products for dry lips. Read along to explore a variety from the best lip balms for dry lips to a lip scrub for dry lips and shop your favourite!

What Causes Dry Lips?

One of the primary reasons behind dry lips is a lack of nourishment and moisturisation. In many cases, extremely hot and cold weather conditions can pull off the skin's moisture, leaving them dry, flaking and dehydrated. Continuous exposure to sunlight and medical conditions are some of the prevailing factors of dry lips. Here are some major causes contributing to dry lips and conditions:

  • Dehydration 
  • Continuous Sun Exposure 
  • Cold & Dry Weather
  • Medical Conditions 
  • Nutritional Deficiency -Vitamin B, Iron

Benefits Of Using Products For Dry Lips

Just like your skin, dry lips require special care too. Here are the major advantages of using the best products for dry chapped lips:

Offers Required Moisturisation

Using lip balms and lip masks for dry lips is ideal for intense moisture and reveals the naturally plump and pink lips within. It protects the natural moisture barrier during changing weather conditions preventing moisture loss and fighting dryness of lips.

Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells And Flakes

The best lip scrub for dry lips helps exfoliate dead skin cells and removes flaky skin on the outermost layer of your lips while keeping them hydrated for hours.

Heals Chapped Lips

A good set of lip care products for dry lips including lip scrub, lip balm and lip mask works well to develop a specialised routine for dry lips. It helps restore lost moisture, soften dry lips, and repair cracked skin on the lips. 

How To Choose The Best Lip Care Products For Dry Lips?

Wondering how to pick the best product for chapped lips? Refer to the short guide below to make sure you’re using the right product to get rid of dry lips:

Potent With Natural Ingredients 

Read on the label on lip care products for dry lips that contain plant-derived ingredients such as aloe vera, strawberry, green tea and coffee which are touted sources from nature to moisturise and heal dry lips. 

Moisturising & Nourishing Formulation

Pick and choose deep-moisturising products for dry lips which offer the required nourishment and care to keep them satiated for moisture during the day.

Gentle And Chemical Free

Steer clear the product content to ensure it is silicon-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, animal fat-free and mineral oil-free. Buy products which are 100% pure and safe for regular use.

Best Selling Organic Products For Dry Lips Price List 

Organic Harvest offers a wide range of products for dry lips. Hover on to the list of products below and pick your favourite lip care product for dry lips:



3-in-1 Lip Balm: Hibiscus, Lily & Coffee, 6 GM

345 INR

Red Tinted Lip Balm: Hibiscus, 10 GM

199 INR

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: 100% Pure, 200 ML

395 INR

Moisturizing Lip Butter: Lily, 4 GM

199 INR

Moisturizing Lip Balm: Strawberry, 8 GM

199 INR

Green Tea Lip Balm, 10 GM

199 INR

Organic 5 In 1 Lip Balm, 10 GM

545 INR

Green Apple Lip Balm, 10 GM

199 INR

Pomegranate Lip Balm, 8GM

199 INR

Pink Tinted Lip Balm: Lily, 10 GM

199 INR

Shea Butter Lip Balm, 8 GM

199 INR

Organic Lip Scrub With Coffee, 8 GM

445 INR

Organic Grapefruit Lip Balm, 3 GM

175 INR

Organic Lip Serum With Coffee, 8 GM

445 INR

Organic Lip Plumping Mask With Coffee, 8 GM

445 INR

Moisturizing Lip Balm: Strawberry, 3 GM

175 INR

Last Updated: 20th May 2024

Buy Best Organic Products To Reduce Dry Lips

Organic Harvests offers the best lip care product for dry lips that are certified organic by global bodies like OneCert, EcoCert, and Natrue. The entire range of products for lip care includes moisturising lip balms, extra virgin coconut oil, lip plumping mask, lip serum, and lip scrub to name a few. All of these products are naturally derived from organic plant-based extracts making them incredibly effective and gentle for everyday use.

Shop For Chemical Free Products For Dry Lips And Other Skincare Products Online At Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest has curated a range of lip care products for dry lips. All of these products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free making them the purest form of natural products. The entire range has a variety of lip care products including lip balms, lip serum, and lip masks to moisturise, heal and protect your lips like a pro.

Being an all-organic beauty brand, Organic Harvest offers a comprehensive collection of skincare, haircare, body care and essential oils. Made from the perfect concoction of plant-derived extracts and natural oils, these products take care of major hair and skin concerns. Search for your favourite beauty products online and shop now!

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Q: What vitamin deficiency causes dry lips?

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the common causes that result in dry and chapped lips.

Q: Can vitamin D deficiency cause dry mouth?

Yes, vitamin D deficiency can result in several health complications and dry mouth is one of its common symptoms.

Q: Are dry lips bad?

Dry lips appear to be flaky and dehydrated with cracked skin. If not treated on time, it can worsen into a burning sensation and abrasions.

Q: Should I brush my dry lips?

No, one should never use any abrasive product on dry lips as it can rip off the natural oils making it more dry & sensitive.

Q: Can an iron deficiency cause dry lips?

Yes, nutritional deficiency of necessary iron, vitamins and other minerals in your food can cause dry lips.

Q: Does drinking water stop dry lips?

Yes, drinking enough water on a regular basis helps keep yourself hydrated inside out. It helps prevent moisture loss and fight dryness on the lips.