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Dark Lips

Dark Lips

Buy The Best Organic Products For Dark Lips Online In India

Dark lips can make you less confident. The main reason for dark and pigmented lips is lack of moisture or damage due to environmental stressors like pollutants, sunlight, and weather changes. The best way to tackle them is to indulge yourself in using specific products for dark lips in your daily skincare routine. 

Organic Harvest brings you a specialised category of the best lip-lightening products. All of these lip care products for dark lips have deep moisturising and skin-lightening properties giving you soft, plump and even-toned lips. Read along to shop for the best product for dark lips.

What Causes Dark Lips?

Sun damage and dehydration are one of the reasons for dark lips. Also, due to free radical damage, your skin loses moisture from the outer layers of the dermis making it dry, pigmented and dull. Some of the lifestyle habits like smoking, unhealthy diet (deficiency of vitamin B-12) and lack of lip care can lead to darkening of lips. Here are some of the leading causes of dark lips:

  • Hyperpigmentation Due to Sun Exposure
  • Environmental Stressors
  • Lack of Moisture & Hydration
  • Smoking Cigarettes 
  • Unhealthy Diet Choices

Benefits Of Using Products For Dark Lips

Using lip products for dark lips helps keep them moisturised, soft and even-toned. Here’s more to the benefits of applying lip care products for dark lips:

Lightens Dark Lips

Applying lip scrub for dark lips slough off dead skin cells and pushes the new skin layer while leaving a rejuvenating effect on the lips. It helps reveal the naturally soft & pink lips within.

Moisturises The Lips

The best lip balm for dark lips helps keep your lips hydrated & nourished for long hours. It controls moisture loss from the epidermal layers of the lips, preventing skin discolouration on the lips.

Protect Against Sun Exposure

Applying a lip serum for dark lips protects against sun exposure, keeps your lips satiated for moisture and fights hyperpigmentation to prevent lip darkening. Follow it up with the best lip balm for pink lips for added moisture and correct imperfections.

How To Choose The Best Products To Lighten Dark Lips?

Looking for the best lip care products for dark lips? Here are the quick pointers for you to pick the right products to lighten dark lips:

100% Pure and Cruelty-Free

Opt for lip care products which are made from pure organic oils and plant-based extracts. The lip balm to lighten dark lips is free from harmful chemicals or synthetic substances like sulphates, parabens, mineral oils or artificial substances.

Look For Skin-Lightening Natural Ingredients 

Read on the label to ensure that the lip products for dark lips contain skin-lightening and healing ingredients such as coffee, strawberry, or green tea.

These ingredients have natural hydrating, exfoliating and brightening properties to revive your lips.

Offers Long Hour Moisturisation

Lip products for dark lips provide much-needed nourishment to your lips, fights dryness, and transform dull & black lips into naturally pink lips.

Best-Selling Organic Products For Dark Lips Price List 

Organic Harvest offers an exclusive set of products to lighten dark lips. Here’s the list of lip care products available online with prices:



3-in-1 Lip Balm: Hibiscus, Lily & Coffee for Dark Lips, 6 GM

345 INR

Green Tea Lip Balm for Dark Lips, 10 GM

199 INR

Lemon Lip Balm for Dark Lips, 10 GM

199 INR

Organic Lily Lip Balm for Dark Lips, Pack of 2

398 INR

Organic Lip Scrub With Coffee for Dark Lips, 8 GM

445 INR

Organic Grapefruit Lip Balm for Dark Lips, Pack of 2 (3 GM Each)

350 INR

Organic Rose Lip Butter for Dark Lips, 4 GM

199 INR

Organic Lip Plumping Mask With Coffee for Dark Lips, 8 GM

445 INR

Organic Lip Serum for Dark Lips, 8 GM

445 INR

Last Updated: 22nd July 2024

Buy Best Organic Products To Turn Black Lips Into Pink Lips Online 

Organic Harvest lip products for dark lips are 100% certified organic derived from pure natural oils and plant extracts. These products are highly effective, gentle, and moisturising to minimise pigmentation on lips, prevent damage due to sunlight, and keep them hydrated for long hours. The entire range contains lip scrub, lip lightening serum, and a variety of moisturising lip balms for dark lips to lighten them.

Shop for Chemical Free Products for Dark Lips and Other Skincare Products Online at Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest lip care products are curated online based on your concerns about dry & chapped lips or dark lips. These products are a one-stop-shop solution to developing a lip care routine and maintaining the smooth, soft and rosy lips you always desired for. Explore and enjoy shopping for the best products for dark lips online.

As a leading organic beauty brand in India, we aim to offer mindful beauty and self-care products at competitive prices. Our wide category of products includes face care, haircare, and body care range made with exotic plant-based ingredients containing no traces of harsh chemicals or synthetic substances like paraben, PABA, sulphates, animal fats, or mineral oils. Know your skin/hair concerns and make your best buy at Organic Harvest. 

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Q: Can dark lips turn pink?

Yes, dark lips are never permanent. You can develop a lip care routine using products for dark lips such as lip scrub and moisturising lip balm.

Q: Which cream is best for black lips?

Lip balms containing skin-lightening natural ingredients like green tea, strawberry, and lily work best to transform black lips into soft pink lips.

Q: Is coconut oil good for dark lips?

Yes, coconut oil can be used as a natural lip balm to keep your lips satiated for moisture, remove dark patches and pigmentation.

Q: Is it normal for lips to be dark?

Pigmentation on the lips is normal and the best part is that it can be treated with a lip scrub and lip balm for dark lips.

Q: What deficiency causes dark lips?

A deficiency of vitamin B12 causes pigmentation and dark lips.

Q: Is vitamin C good for dark lips?

Yes, vitamin C works as a natural exfoliating agent to shed off dead skin cells from the surface of the lips, lighten dark patches, and keep it soft.

Q: What colour are lips naturally?

Based on your natural skin tone and external factors your lips can be of any colour from light pink to brown.