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Large Pores

Large Pores

Buy The Best Organic Products For Open Pores Online In India

Pores are tiny hair follicle openings on the skin which contain sebaceous glands that control oil secretion. When the sebum levels increase, these pores become visibly enlarged on the face. There are other causes such as thick hair follicles and heredity contributing to the appearance of large pores. But not anymore. 

Organic Harvest has curated an exclusive range of products to minimise pores. Adding it to your daily skincare routine helps regulate oil secretion and participate in the purification of blocked pores and hence shrink the appearance of large pores. Read on to discover the best products for open pores online.

What Causes Large Pores?

One of the primary causes of large pores is excess oil secretion in the skin which mainly occurs due to ageing, pollution, genetics or hormonal imbalance. Continuous exposure to the sun and environment may also contribute to the clogging of pores with dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells resulting in enlarged pores. Large open pores are commonly found in oily and combination skin types. Some of the factors which are responsible for large pores are:

  • Oily and Combination Skin Type
  • Damage Due To Environmental Stressors
  • Excessive Sun Exposure 
  • Ageing
  • Adverse Health Conditions
  • Hormonal Imbalance

Benefits Of Using Products For Large Open Pores

The best product for open pores helps control oil secretion and reduces pore size. Here’s more to the benefits of using products for open pores in detail:

Reduces Pore Size

Products for open pores are specially formulated from mild exfoliating and hydrating ingredients which help purify congested pores. Not only it helps minimise the appearance of large pores but also improves skin texture.

Regulate Excess Oil Production

The naturally hydrating ingredients present in the pore-minimising products help control sebum production in the skin causing large pores. The water-based texture and astringent effect of the toner for open pores help restore moisture balance, remove dead skin cells, and break down the greasiness to shrink open pores.

Soothe Irritated Skin

One of the additional benefits of using products to minimise pores is that it gives relief from inflamed skin. It has antibacterial and cooling properties to fight minor skin infections, soothe irritation and revive your skin.

How To Choose The Best Products To Minimize Pores?

Ready to fight large pores with your favourite skincare products? Here’s everything you need to remember to make your best buy for pore-minimising products:

Read On The Ingredient List

Check on the label to understand the product content. Look for organically cultivated plant-based extracts like aloe vera, green tea, tea tree oil and cucumber. These ingredients have oil control and mild exfoliating abilities to tighten the appearance of large pores.

Gentle And Chemical-Free Formula

Before buying any of the skincare products for open pores, make sure the formulation is naturally derived and free from any harsh chemicals or artificial substances such as paraben, sulphates, mineral oil or animal ingredients. The best toner for oily skin and open pores should be non-comedogenic, safe and gentle for daily use.

Do A Patch Test

Take a small amount of product and apply it to your forearms. Allow it to stay for 24 hours. Proceed with further usage, if you see no signs of inflammation or itchiness.

Best Selling Organic Products To Minimize Pores Price List

Organic Harvest offers an exclusive set of pore-minimising products. Here’s more detail on the products for open pores below:



Green Cucumber Toner, 125 ML

445 INR

Acne Control Mattifying Face Toner: Neem & Tulsi, 125 ML

445 INR

Last Updated: 28th September 2023

Buy Best Pores Minimizing Products

Organic Harvest brings you a specific collection of toners made with hydrating and sebum control ingredients like neem, tulsi and cucumber to name a few. These plant-derived ingredients work like a blessing to your skin to regulate oil secretion and minimise the size of enlarged pores. They also have antibacterial and soothing properties to purify clogged pores, preventing future breakouts, irritation or common skin infections. Consider incorporating them into your skincare routine to remove excess oil, tighten pores, and give your face a rejuvenating feel.

Shop For Chemical Free Products For Large Open Pores And Other Skincare Products Online

Organic Harvest brings you an exclusive set of toners for open pores. All of these products are naturally inclined from pure plant-based extracts which are organically farmed without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers. These toners are 100% certified products made with no traces of harmful chemicals or synthetic substances.

As a leading organic beauty and personal care brand in India, we aim to deliver the best quality skincare, haircare and body care products at budget-friendly prices. Besides, we also offer a premium range of vitamin-infused products based on skin/hair concerns All of our products in different categories are certified by global organisations like OnceCert, EcoCert, and Natrue.

If you enjoy reading more about skincare and haircare, visit our Blog right away. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to feed more about our brand updates and new product releases. Download the Best Organic Skin Care Shopping App and sign up to redeem your welcome rewards on your first purchase. Also, get notified about raining discounts and exciting combo offers.

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Q: Can you reduce pore size?

Yes, large pores are temporary. Using a good toner with mild exfoliants and oil-control properties works apt to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Q: How can I tighten my pores naturally?

You can indulge in several home remedies to reduce pore size naturally. Mix 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel and lemon juice. Apply the mixture evenly across your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash it off with cool water. Repeat the process thrice a week until you see desired results.

Q: Why do my pores look so big?

Excessive oil production in the skin can result in visibly enlarged pores making them stretched. Most people with oily and combination skin types have large pores.

Q: At what age do pores enlarge?

Pore size varies from person to person. However, during puberty between the age 10 to 14, the hormonal level changes which lead to rush in sebum production in the skin causing enlarged pores. Besides, ageing is also a factor that results in large pores.

Q: Does retinol shrink pores?

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A which helps boost collagen production in the skin and increase cell turnover to diminish the appearance of large pores.