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Makeup Removal

Buy The Best Organic Makeup Removers Online In India

Most of us love wearing makeup. But we don’t really enjoy the post-makeup cleanup that requires several cotton pads. If you would like to make that process a little easier and quicker to do, a makeup remover can be your best friend. What’s more? An organic makeup remover helps even correct minor makeup imperfections without bleeding any colour around.

Organic Harvest offers you a bunch of the best makeup removers which thoroughly break down all the makeup and impurities. Scroll through to discover the best makeup removal products online in India. 

Benefits Of Using Organic Makeup Removers 

A makeup remover has a lot more to do than just remove makeup. Refer to many benefits of makeup removal products listed below:

Deeply Cleanse Makeup

An organic makeup remover helps effectively remove all the makeup be it — foundation, liquid eyeliner, mascara or even long-stay lipsticks. You might only require 1-2 strokes here and there across the skin to pull off all the makeup deep-seated on the face and around the corners.

Prevents Skin Infections And Irritation

Make removers are specially designed to get rid of the last traces of makeup to ensure it doesn’t cause breakouts, skin infections or inflammation. It contains hydrating and soothing compounds to refresh your skin and allow it to breathe.

Preps Your Skin For Moisturisation

Effective cleansing of your face with makeup remover increases the skin’s absorption capacity for further skincare steps such as applying serum, face moisturiser or eye cream.

Clears Our Clogged Pores

The best natural makeup remover has mild exfoliating action on the skin which helps remove trapped oil, dirt and impurities from the pores giving you healthy, soft and clear skin.

How To Choose The Right Makeup Removal Products For Your Skin Type?

Wondering how to pick the right make up remover for regular use? Given below is a short guide for you to ensure you’re using the best products for your skin type:

Consider Your Skin Type

Before you pick any kind of makeup remover, make sure to know your skin type - dry, oily, combination or sensitive. For dry and sensitive skin use a cleansing milk or cleansing balm which offers a moisturising effect on the skin and doesn’t make your skin itchy or tight. If you have an oily or combination skin type, micellar water works best. Use a fragrance-free and soap-free foaming cleanser for sensitive skin type.

Look For Natural Ingredients 

While choosing a makeup remover, make sure to choose the right formulation which is derived from plant-based natural extracts. The best make up remover is gentle, clean and 100% chemical-free containing no traces of paraben, sulphates or mineral oils. 

Do A Patch Test

Make sure to take a test of the makeup removal product on a small portion of your face like the cheeks or forehead. Allow it to stay for 24 hours. Proceed with further usage, if there are no allergic reactions such as redness, irritation and inflammation.

Different Types Of Makeup Removal Products

Based on different skin types and concerns, there are varied kinds of make up removers. Giver below is the list of popular makeup removal products available in different textures for specific skin types:

Cleansing Milk

A cleansing milk has a smooth milky texture which melts down all the makeup while leaving a moisturising effect on the skin. It works best for dry to normal skin type to get rid of all the dirt, impurities and makeup without taking off the natural oils from the surface of the skin.

Micellar Water

Micellar water is highly suitable for oily and combination skin type. It gives a mild-astringent effect on the face which helps break down the greasiness, dirt and makeup deep-seated into the pores giving you a clear & healthy skin appearance.

Cleansing Balm

A cleansing balm has a cream-based texture which is effective to dissolve all the creams, liquid and powder forms of makeup while pulling off all the gunk clogged into the pores. This type of makeup remover is recommended for dry to sensitive skin type.

Facial Wipes

Makeup remover wipes are specially used to get rid of makeup for all skin types to remove makeup on the go. Unlike other makeup removers, they come in the form of a wet washcloth and do not require cotton pads. They are travel-friendly and can also be used to correct minor makeup mistakes quickly. Make sure to opt for wipes that do not have alcohol content.

Best Selling Organic Makeup Removal Price List 

Organic Harvest brings a curated collection of makeup removal products for all skin types. Here’s the list of different types of makeup remover for you to choose from:



Cleansing Milk- Makeup Removal, 100 ML

545 INR

Organic Micellar Water - Makeup Removal, 90 ML

245 INR

Last Updated: 14th April 2024

Buy The Best Organic Makeup Removal Products Online 

Organic Harvest offers the best makeup removal products for all skin types. They are 100% certified products containing no harmful traces like paraben, sulphates, mineral oils, or animal ingredients making them safe, gentle, and effective for everyday use. They come in a variety of types such as organic micellar water and cleansing milk. Besides makeup removal, these products are excellent to soothe irritation and keep your skin squeaky clean for further skincare steps. You can explore and pick the one suitable to your skin type and needs.

Shop For Organic Makeup Removal Products And Other Personal Care Products Online 

Organic Harvest’s special range of makeup remover is made with plant-based ingredients which are organically farmed without the use of herbicides or chemical fertilisers. This makes it the best makeup removal product in India which is not only effective but natural causing no adverse effects on the skin.

You might also like to explore a varied range of product categories such as haircare, skincare and body care including pure essential oils. These products are 100% pure, vegan and cruelty-free certified by global bodies like OneCert, EcoCert, and Natrue. Explore and revamp your self-care regime with organic beauty and personal care products available only at Organic Harvest. Shop now!

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Q: What removes makeup quickly?

Makeup removers such as cleansing milk, makeup wipes and organic micellar water are some of the great options to remove makeup with no extra effort.

Q: Is aloe vera gel a makeup remover?

Aloe vera gel has great hydrating properties to clean up all the makeup from the surface of your skin without making it dry or itchy.

Q: What is the best natural way to remove makeup?

Use a cotton ball and add a few drops of coconut oil to it. Dab it on the areas to remove makeup for a few seconds and then wipe it off. Follow it up with your regular face wash to get clean, clear and makeup-free skin.