Buy The Best Organic Makeup And Beauty Products Online At The Best Price

If you’re looking for organic makeup products in India, we got you covered. Because Organic Harvest has specially designed and produced its newest range of natural make-up products.

These natural beauty products come with a hydrating and waterproof formulation. These organic cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free, and toxin-free making them completely safe for regular use. Scroll down to explore a variety of natural cosmetics.

Shop For The Best Chemical-Free Makeup Products In India

We are one of India's few organic makeup brands offering non-toxic makeup with zero chemicals or artificial substances. Here are some of our best-selling organic makeup ranges:

Organic Lipstick 

Organic lipstick is one of our most loved eco-friendly makeup products. It has a richly pigmented, moisturising and 8-hour long-stay formula. Even though it is made organic, it is waterproof and transfer-proof.

Organic Kajal 

Organic Kajal is the blackest of the black waterproof formula. It has an 8-hour long stay benefit with a smudge-proof finish. The packaging is really solid with a twist-up kohl eyeliner which helps you easily apply along the waterline or the eyelids.

Organic Eyeliner 

Organic Harvest offers 14-hour long-wear eyeliner in the shade of midnight black. It comes with a slim applicator that leaves an intense black matte finish. The kajal pencil has a hydrating texture that amps up your eyes and makes them look bold and beautiful.

Organic BB Cream 

Organic BB cream offers sheer coverage to camouflage blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Packed with the benefits of vitamin C for skin, the BB cream feels non-cakey and lightweight on the face It covers redness and discolouration giving an even tone appearance.

Organic Compact 

The organic compact forms a buildable coverage to set your makeup. It absorbs excess oil and shines giving you a velvety smooth glow on the face. It is a certified organic compact powder with SPF 30 to protect your skin and mattify your makeup.

Best Ingredients To Look For In Organic Makeup Products

If you’re confused about how to pick the right organic cosmetic products, look for the ingredient list below:

  • Vitamin E
  • Green Tea Extracts
  • Plant-Oils 
  • Ethyl Alcohol 
  • Glycerine
  • Titanium Oxide
  • Mica
  • Essential Oils for Skin
  • Castor Seed Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Carnauba Wax

These are some of the few natural ingredients found in natural makeup products.

How To Do Makeup?

Here are a few steps to do a quick full-face makeup:

  • Start by doing a CTM which involves cleansing, toning, and moisturising.
  • First, apply the organic BB cream and dab it into your skin.
  • Build up the cream until you are satisfied with the coverage.
  • Once you get the desired coverage, use an organic compact powder to set the cream. 
  • Use the liquid liner to define your eye shape and do a wing eyeliner look. Do not miss to use a kohl eye pencil in the bottom waterline of your eyes. 
  • Use a crayon lipstick to add a tint to your cheeks slightly. Blend it outwards to achieve the naturally pink and rosy blush on your face.
  • Based on the occasion, use your favourite lip colour to enhance the overall look. Make sure to apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick.

How To Choose The Right Makeup & Beauty Products for Your Skin Type?

Here are the quick checkpoints to remember while choosing makeup for different skin types:

Dry to Normal Skin Type: For normal to dry skin, opt for liquid-based organic cosmetic products. It helps keep your skin hydrated and allows the makeup to glide on the skin easily.

Oily/ Combination Skin Type: If you have an oily skin type, opt for an oil-free matte finish formula in makeup products. This kind of product curb excess sheen on the face and give you a mattifying makeup look.

Sensitive Skin Type: For sensitive skin, one should use natural makeup brands offering 100% chemical-free and non-toxic makeup products. Make sure there are no traces of parabens, silicone, formaldehyde, phthalates, or SLS.

Patch Test for Every Skin Type: Before buying any of the makeup products, make sure to do a small patch test. Apply a tiny amount of product on your forearms and make sure your skin doesn’t show any signs of redness, itchiness or irritation. If you see any of these, stop usage immediately and consult your dermatologist.

Best-Selling Natural Makeup Products Price List

Get your hands on the best makeup products in India. Checkout our exclusive range of chemical-free makeup products listed below:

Last Updated: 16th June 2024

Buy The Best Organic Cosmetics and Other Skin And Hair Care Products Online at Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest offers you an exclusive collection of natural beauty makeup. All of the products are certified organic makeup which are naturally derived from plant-based extracts and essential oils. The entire organic makeup range is made with a research-driven approach to offer the most versatile, clean, and richly pigmented. Browse our newest category in natural beauty products and shop them at great discounts online.

Besides eco-friendly makeup, we also provide a wide range of cosmetic products in skincare and haircare. We have curated them based on your hair/skin type or concern. All of our beauty products are made naturally elevated which makes them safe, gentle and effective with long-term benefits. Explore now!

You can visit our YouTube channel to watch amazing tutorials on hair, skin and makeup. For more beauty tips and home remedies, hop on to our Blog. Download and register to our Best Organic Makeup Shopping App to enhance your shopping experience and grab exciting deals.

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Q: What makes a makeup product 100 % organic?

Makeup products that are made from essential oils and plant-based, having no traces of harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphate, SLS, formaldehyde or silicone are considered to be 100% organic and natural.

Q: Is organic makeup good for you?

Absolutely, eco-friendly natural makeup products are 100% safe for daily use. As they are naturally made, they are suitable for all skin types and do not have any side effects.

Q: Is organic makeup better than regular makeup?

Yes, organic makeup is far better than commercial makeup products. Unlike regular makeup, they are 100% non-toxic, natural and safe for the skin.

Q: What are the must-have makeup products?

Natural eyeliner, BB cream, compact powder, and blush-toned pink lipstick are must-haves in makeup products.

Q: Which products are used for basic makeup?

You will need good eyeliner, kohl pencil, compact powder, BB cream, and natural lip shade to do basic makeup.

Q: Is natural makeup really better?

Yes, natural makeup products are made from essential oils and natural ingredients have no harsh chemicals. They do not cause irritation on the skin and are safe for daily use.

Q: What are natural cosmetic products?

Natural cosmetic products are 100% chemical-free and eco-friendly having zero traces of harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. They are made for all skin types and have no side effects on the face.

Q: What are the benefits of Organic beauty products?

Organic beauty products are specially formulated with plant-based oils and natural ingredients which are suitable for all skin types. It helps enhance your hidden features, maintain skin health and has no side effects.

Q: Are Just Organic Harvest's natural makeup products sulphate and paraben-free?

Regardless of other brands, Organic Harvest is one of the leading beauty brands in India which claims to offer ECO-certified organic makeup. This means all of the makeup products are naturally elevated without using harsh chemicals or toxic substances.