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Organic Face Cream

Organic Face Cream

Buy The Best Organic Face Creams For Soft & Moisturized Skin

Your skin is nothing more than the combination of oil in water or water in oil. The basic step to maintaining healthy and youthful skin for the long term is using the best natural face cream. Even if you skip some of your skincare steps, face moisturiser is non-negotiable!

Organic Harvest brings you a vast collection of organic face creams made with the rightful blend of plant-derived ingredients and exotic natural extracts. Devoid of harsh chemicals, artificial essence or animal fats, these are the best face moisturisers in India. Read on to learn more about these natural face creams online.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Organic Face Cream?

A face cream adds an external layer of moisture to the skin while keeping it nourished and hydrated for long hours. A good moisturiser for face is made with the benefits of plant-based compounds which provide the required nutrition to the skin, stimulate collagen levels and protect the natural moisture mantle from the skin. Using an organic moisturiser for face in your daily skincare routine also prevents the onset of early signs of ageing. Here are many benefits for using face cream:

Keeps Your Skin Moisturised

Using a face moisturizer helps intensely nourish the skin, nurture the natural moisture barrier and keep it smooth. Using it daily maintains a soft, supple and smooth skin appearance. Make sure to reapply it every 3-4 hours for extended nourishment.

Targets Skin Concerns

A specific face cream helps target specific skin problems like pigmentation, dryness, and acne. For instance, a face cream with SPF helps protect your skin against sun damage as well, whereas using a moisturiser with a gel-based texture helps keep your skin hydrated without making your face greasy or dull.

Improve Skin Texture

A moisturizer helps repair damaged skin tissues and improve skin texture. Face cream is a must to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and plump. It helps fight flakiness and scaly skin to the touch.

Prevents Early Signs of Ageing

Using a moisturizer helps condition the skin and keeps your skin satiated for moisturisation. It helps fight early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. You can opt for a moisturiser with vitamin C that helps prevent ageing spots and sagging of face.

Preserves Skin Elasticity 

Applying a moisturiser daily boosts collagen production and keeps your skin firmer. It also helps preserve skin elasticity and keep it youthful-looking and healthy in the long run. 

How To Choose The Right Natural Face Cream For Your Skin Type?

It is essential to choose the right face cream for your skin type to get desired results. Below are some ways to pick the suitable face moisturiser for your skin type:

Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin type, opt for a gel-based or oil-free moisturiser. A good moisturiser for oily skin is infused with citrus plant-derived extracts which contain the benefits of vitamin C for skin. It has a skin-mattifying texture which glides well into your skin without making it greasy.

Dry Skin

The best moisturiser for dry skin comes in cream-based consistency. It keeps the skin satiated for moisturisation and acts as a protective layer between the skin and air preventing moisture loss. It also repairs scaly skin texture while keeping it nourished and hydrated for long hours.

Combination Skin

The best moisturiser for combination skin feels lightweight and nourishing. It melts easily into the epidermis to moisturise dry skin areas and control oil secretion on T-zone while leaving a hydrating effect on the face.

Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin type use a natural moisturiser for face that contains cooling agents, emollients and occlusives. Look out for natural face cream with SPF which provides protection against free radicals damage and hyperpigmentation.

Different Types Of Face Moisturisers Based On Your Skin Type And Concern

Not all face moisturisers are suitable for all skin types. To attain effective results, you will need to apply an organic face cream which is made for your skin type and concern. Look up the following types of face creams below and opt for the best:

Moisturising Face Cream

A moisturising cream is enriched with emollients and nourishing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated. It helps fortify the natural moisture barrier of the skin, seal in moisture and improve skin texture. 

Anti-Pigmentation Face Cream

The best anti-pigmentation cream in India is formulated with skin-lightening ingredients and antioxidants. Using it in your daily skincare routine helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and even out patchy skin tone making way for a clear & glowing skin complexion.

Age Reversal Face Cream

Age reversal cream is high in antioxidants and elastin & collagen-boosting compounds which accelerate skin cell regeneration and reduce the appearance of early signs of ageing. Applying it every day not only keeps your skin moisturised but also improves skin elasticity and defies the process of ageing.

Face Whitening Cream

Skin lightening face moisturiser works best for normal to dry skin. It contains skin-brightening and lightening ingredients to remove tanning, even out skin tone, and reveal the glowing skin inside. It comes in a lightweight texture which seeps well into the skin to soothe inflammation and provide the required nutrients to the skin making it healthy and youthful.

Face Cream With SPF

A chemical-free face cream with SPF not only moisturises your skin but comes with a sun protection formula to prevent hyperpigmentation and avert early signs of ageing. This type of face cream is highly recommended for sensitive to dry skin types.

Gel-Based Face Moisturiser

A water-based face moisturiser comes in a gel-like consistency. It is made with cooling and hydrating compounds to control oil secretion in the skin and moisturises the skin without making it greasy. 

Ingredients Used in Organic Harvest Face Creams

Organic Harvest face creams are infused with natural plant-derived extracts. Here are some of the ingredients used:


Saffron is a great natural moisturizer. It also helps gently exfoliate the skin, lighten complexion and fight dryness. It is a touted skincare solution to remove tanning and dullness leaving you with blemish-free skin tone.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C in organic face creams is obtained from rare plant-based ingredients like kakadu plum and acai berry. It is a gold standard in skincare to fight acne, reduce pigmentation and prevent scarring. It also helps brighten skin complexion, clear out pores, and avert early signs of ageing. 

Oat Milk

Oat milk helps intensely nourish the skin and improve texture. It also helps avert early signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and crow-feet around the eyes.  It is a great gentle exfoliator for the skin that helps clear out clogged pores and prevent the risk of breakouts.

Rice Water

Rice water is a great natural moisturizer for skin. It helps nurture the natural moisturizer barrier, prevent the onset of wrinkles and lightens pigmentation. It is also known for its skin-lightening and healing properties leaving you with an even-toned skin appearance.


Almond helps keep your skin nourished and boost collagen levels. It has mild exfoliating properties that help remove dead skin cells, even out patchy skin tone and promote skin cell regeneration. It is a great natural ingredient in face cream to preserve skin elasticity and firmnes.

How To Use Organic Moisturiser For Face?

Now that you know which is the best moisturiser for face, here’s the step-by-step guide to using it for maximum benefits and results:

Face Cleanser

Use a gentle foaming face cleanser or face wash to get rid of all the dirt and impurities. It helps perk up dead skin cells and unclogs pores giving you a clean face canvas.

Face Toner

A good face toner gives your skin a hydration hit! Use moist cotton to apply a suitable toner for your skin to remove the cleanser residue and prep your face for further skincare.


Using a face serum helps target specific skin concerns like acne, dark circles and pigmentation. Take 2-3 drops of a suitable face serum between your palms and press it into your skin. 


Based on your skin type, use a coin size amount of hydrating moisturiser and warm it between your palms. Press it generously to your face. Follow it up with a few of the massage steps in upwards and outward strokes. Make sure you do not miss out on the neck areas.


After applying the face cream, top it off with a non-greasy sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. This step acts as a shield not only to the UV rays but also to the skincare done so far. Make sure to apply sunscreen even if you’re indoors.

Best Selling Organic Face Creams Price List 

Organic Harvest offers a huge range of face creams online. Browse over the best organic face cream in India based on your skin type and concern from the list below:

Buy Best Organic Face Moisturiser

All of the organic face moisturisers at Organic Harvest are curated using the blend of organic plant-based extracts and pure oils. These moisturising creams for the face are 100% natural and chemical-free, produced without the involvement of hazardous elements or toxins. Explore and buy the best face cream in India that is specially made for your skin type and concern.

Shop for Organic Creams for Face and Other Face Care Products Online 

Organic Harvest’s organic face cream is safe, effective, and potent for daily use. These are the best natural moisturiser for the face for a variety of skin types & concerns including pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull & dehydrated skin, dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. Try and inculcate it in your AM and PM skincare regime and we promise you will fall in love with the results.

We deliver organic beauty and personal care products which are gentle and chemical-free causing no side effects. Our wide product catalogue includes face care, body care and hair care products which are approved by renowned organisations like ECO, Natrue, and OneCert.

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Q: Which is the best face cream without chemicals?

Organic Harvest has specially formulated organic face creams derived from a rare blend of plant-derived ingredients containing zero traces of mineral oils, sulphates, PABA, or paraffin.

Q: Is organic face cream better?

Yes, organic face creams are chemical-free moisturisers for face which don't have any side effects and are incredibly beneficial for routine use.

Q: How long does it take for an organic cream to start working?

A good moisturiser for the face shows results within 3-4 weeks of its regular use.

Q: Are organic creams really organic?

Yes, Organic Harvest’s organic face creams are 100% pure and cruelty-free made with plant-based extracts that are cultivated without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. These products contain no artificial substances or animal fats making them safe and gentle.

Q: How do you know if a product is 100% organic?

A product, made using plant-based extracts, labelled as vegan and cruelty-free that doesn’t involve any hazardous elements of parabens, sulphates, PABA, mineral oils, and paraffin is considered to be 100% organic.

Q: Is it good to put cream on your face every day?

Yes, a moisturiser for the face is a must in your daytime and nighttime skincare routine to keep it moisturised throughout the day.

Q: Is face cream necessary?

Yes, using an organic face cream in your daily skincare rituals helps you maintain healthy skin and prevent premature skin ageing.

Q: Should I use face cream every night?

Yes, you will need to apply a moisturiser for face at night to keep your skin satiated for moisture during sleep and aid in the skin cell regenerative process.

Q: How many times do you use face cream daily?

You will need to use face cream twice a day in the morning and nighttime skincare regimen.