Organic Eyeliner

Organic Eyeliner

Buy Best Organic Eyeliner Online at Best Price in India

There are too many brands making liner eyeliner and kajal pencils. If your eyes feel watery or itchy as soon as you apply the eyeliner, chances are you might be using the wrong eyeliner pencil. 

Unlike commercial brands, Organic Harvest has specially designed organic eyeliners which are best suitable for flickering sensitive eyes. Read on to know how these waterproof eyeliner helps you create a dewy makeup look or everyday makeup quick to do.

What Are Different Types of Eyeliner Available Online?

If you confused which is the suitable eyeliner for you, here are the different types of smudge-proof eyeliner makeup and options available for you:

Liquid Eyeliner

As the name suggests, the liquid eyeliner comes in a small bottle and the felt-tip brush. Upon application, it leaves a matte-finish effect and remains smudge-proof.

Eyeliner Pencil

Another type of eyeliner comes in a pencil type. It is usually used to line bottom waterline and upper waterline to define the eye shape. You can also use it to create a smokey eyeshadow effect.

Gel Eyeliner

A gel liner comes in a thick cream based texture which becomes dry on application. This makes it lasts longer compared to all the other black eyeliners.

Sketch Pen Eyeliner

The sketch pen liner comes with a small felt-tip brush at the end. This type of eyeliner leaves a glossy effect on application and is the easiest to use to make a winged liner.

How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly?

If you’re wondering- how to apply eyeliner? Here’s the step-by-step guide to apply a good water-proof eyeliner:

  • Make sure the eyelid is clean, having no residual impurities or traces of oil.
  • Take the best waterproof eyeliner of your choice be it liquid, gel or eyeliner pencil.
  • Remove the cap of eyeliner. Shut one eyelid for application while pulling the outer corner of the eyelid.
  • Use the type of applicator— brush, pencil or felt-tip of the eyeliner. Start from the middle of your upper eyelid’s go about by applying short strokes along the lash line.
  • Create different eyeliner looks: bold liner, winged, or cat-eye liner depending on your mood. 
  • Use a Q-tip to wipe off any excess product or correct the liner.
  • Once done, keep your eyes closed for a few seconds so that liner gets matte or dried completely.

How to Choose The Right Eyeliner Online?

Eyeliner is one of the must have makeup products in your beauty vanity. Choosing the best eyeliner amongst different beauty brands in the market can be confusing. Here are some of the quick checkpoints for you to pick the best waterproof eyeliner:

Pick Organic Eyeliner

Opt for an organic beauty brand that makes organic eyeliner formulations. These eyeliners are devoid  of any harsh chemicals or toxins making it safe for everyday wear even for sensitive skin types.

Ensure the Liner is Smudge-Proof

Another important feature of any eyeliner makeup is to ensure that the product is smudge proof, waterproof and sweatproof. This means the liner eyeliner doesn’t fade away, lasts for longer hours and leaves a finished effect around the eyes.

Based on Desired Eyeliner Look/Finish

If you want a winged graphic eyeliner look use a sketch pen liner. For a soft & classic eyeliner makeup look, use liquid matte eyeliner. For enhanced eye makeup with the longest stay formula, a gel liner eyeliner works best.

What Makes Organic Harvest Eyeliner Waterproof and Smudge-Proof?

Organic Harvest produces organic eyeliner with a vegan, toxin-free and cruelty-free formula. It contains a sealant that no matter the time of the day, this eyeliner is completely waterproof and highly pigmented with 14 hour long wear smudge-proof formula.

So, if you’re looking for a long lasting eyeliner, Organic Harvest is the one for you!

What are The Natural Ingredients in Organic Harvest Eyeliner?

Organic Harvest offers an exclusive range of certified organic eyeliners. These long lasting eyeliner are derived from plant-derived extracts and natural oils. Here’s the list of ingredients used:

Almond Oil

There are numerous benefits of almond oil for face. It is one of the natural oils used in organic eyeliner to provide you with a smooth and seamless liner application.

Castor Oil

Another good natural oil used in the organic liquid eyeliner is castor oil. It helps soothe sensitive eyes and ensure the liquid eyeliner doesn’t get dried out in the bottle and preserves its quality.

Approved Colours

Some of the colour pigment used in organic eyeliner gives you a richly pigmented eyeliner. It determines the colour of any eyeliner makeup and how long it stays.

Best Selling Natural Eyeliner Price List 

Organic Harvest ends your search for the best liquid eyeliner.  Here’s the short list of organic eyeliner for you:

Sr. No




Organic Midnight Matte Liquid Liner

349 INR

Last Updated: 16th June 2024

Buy Best Organic Eyeliner Online at Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest believes in producing makeup with skincare benefits. The long lasting eyeliners are made from plant-based ingredients and natural oils, making them suitable for sensitive eyes as well. 

Organic Midnight Matte Liquid Eyeliner - Black

Organic Harvest offers the best liquid eyeliner in colour black. Made with certified organic ingredients and natural oils like almond oil and castor oil, it is richly pigmented. The long lasting black eyeliner made with smudge-proof and waterproof formulation eyeliner stays upto 14 hours. It leaves a matte finish effect upon application making it best suited for everyday wear.

Shop for Organic Eyeliner and Other Makeup Products Online at Organic Harvest

Get your hands on the chemical-free eyeliner that is completely natural and pigmented for daily use. It glides easily through the eyelids giving you a super easy finished look. The black eyeliner comes with a small tipped brush doused in a liquid eyeliner bottle. It is a must have for any beginner in makeup.

Organic Harvest has specially launched a certified organic makeup range that includes lipstick, compact, eyeliner, BB cream and kajal pencil. The entire collection is made from pure plant-derived extracts and essential oils making it best to create different natural makeup looks.  All of these makeup products are clean, vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free having no formaldehyde, no paraben, no silicone, no SLS, and no alcohol.

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Q: Is Kajal and eyeliner the same?

No, kajal pencil is used on the waterline whereas a good waterproof eyeliner is applied on the top of the eyelid.

Q: What's eyeliner used for?

Eyeliner helps define the shape of the eye and allows it to open up a bit. Based on the liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner or eyeliner pencil it is used to create a variety of eye makeup looks.

Q: Is it OK to wear eyeliner daily?

Yes, you can wear an organic eyeliner free from toxins, parabens, or SLS on a daily basis.

Q: Can I sleep with eyeliner?

One should always remove the eyeliner before bedtime else it might cause irritation, redness, or panda eyes in the morning.

Q: Which is better: Kajal or Eyeliner?

Based on the desired makeup look you want to create, you can choose between kajal pencil or eyeliner.

Q: How to remove eyeliners?

Take a Q-tip dipped in coconut oil or makeup remover. Gently glide the Q-tip along with eyeliner. Repeat it once or twice until you see the pigment is removed completely. Rinse your eyes with cool running water and pat dry.