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Flaky Scalp

Flaky Scalp

Buy Organic Products for Flaky Scalp Online at Best Price

Dry & flaky scalp can be irritating. It is an indication of bad scalp health which is likely to affect your hair growth and quality. Some of the basic factors responsible for scalp flakiness and itching are irregular shampooing, bad hygiene, allergic reactions, or even environmental effects.

Organic Harvest has specially crafted a set of hair care ranges for dry and flaky scalp conditions. All of these products for flaky scalp are prepared using the rightful blend of organic plant-based oils and extracts without the involvement of harsh chemicals like sulphates, PABA, paraffin, or mineral oils.

Let’s explore a gist of the best products for flaky scalp available online at Organic Harvest.

Different Types of Hair Care Products for Flaky Scalp 

Our cosmetic team brings you a variety of hair care products for flaky scalp. Made with a combination of organically harvested plant-derived extracts, these hair care products are suitable for all hair types and shapes. Here’s more about this category of products: 

Hair Spa Cream for Flaky Scalp

Hair spa cream proffers external hydration and nourishment to your hair. It helps deeply moisturise the hair follicles, nurture the scalp, and promote healthy hair growth. Our hair spa cream for dandruff and flaky scalp is enriched with hair beneficiary ingredients to regulate sebum levels in the scalp, rebalance moisture and prevent flakiness.

Hair Oil for Flaky Scalp

A good head massage is all you need to rejuvenate your scalp and restore lost moisture. Our organic hair oils for flaky scalp including castor oil and coconut oil help nutrify the scalp, nourish the follicles, and strengthen the roots to support healthy hair growth. It cures dry & itchy scalp conditions and removes dryness and flakiness giving you a healthier and shinier mane.

Essential Oil for Flaky Scalp

Essential oils help you take special care of your scalp. It adds an extra dose of nourishment, improves scalp health, and helps you get rid of dry scalp flakes. Our range of essential oils for scalp has effective antibacterial and soothing properties to cure infections, itchiness, flakes, and calm inflammation.

What Are The Causes of a Flaky Scalp?

Dry and flaky scalp is the result of dandruff. And one of the many reasons for dandruff includes extremely dry weather conditions, not enough shampooing, environmental conditions, lifestyle habits, and stress. Mild scalp infections due to bacteria and fungi can also cause dry scalp flakes.

Best Selling Chemical Free Products for Flaky Scalp Price List

Get your hands on the best hair products for flaky scalp available only at Organic Harvest. These products are specially derived from exotic organic ingredients and rare plant-based oils to help you combat a flaky scalp in the comfort of your home. Here’s the list of products you need to buy to get rid of dry scalp flakes and dandruff:



Hair Oil For Dandruff Free Hair, 50 ML

595 INR

Organic Anti Dandruff Hair Oil Tea Tree & Eucalyptus, 150 ML

595 INR

Castor Oil + Coconut Oil

740 INR

Last Updated: 28th September 2023

Buy Best Products for Flaky Scalp Online at Organic Harvest

We bring you the best hair care products for flaky scalp enriched with plant-based extracts and organic oils. All of these products are free from hazardous chemicals like sulphates, paraben, PABA, or mineral oils making them safe and gentle for daily use. Try a variety of Organic Harvest products for flaky scalp and you’ll never look back again.

Shop for Natural Products for Flaky Scalp and Other Hair Care Products Online at Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest has curated the best set of natural products for flaky scalp available at the best prices in India. Made with a rich blend of organic plant-based oils and extracts, these products are potent, effective, and offer long-term benefits. Most importantly, it has zero traces of harsh chemicals, toxins or artificial substances making them safe and of premium quality.

Enjoy shopping from a wide range of Organic Harvest product categories including skincare, haircare, body care and organic essential oils based on your preferences and you will fall in love with the results. These products are available at exclusive offers running online.

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Q: What causes very flaky scalp?

The primary reason for a flaky scalp is dandruff, imbalance in sebum production, dry weather conditions and scalp fungal infections.

Q: How can I fix my flaky scalp naturally?

The best way to treat dry scalp flakes is to use a special set of hair care products for flaky scalp.

Q: What vitamin deficiency causes a dry flaky scalp?

Nutritional deficiency of vitamin B6 and B12 in your diet can result in dry flaky scalp conditions.

Q: Can not drinking enough water cause a flaky scalp?

Dehydration can lead to scalp dryness and itching causing scalp flakes.

Q: How often should I wash my hair if I have a flaky scalp?

One should wash the hair at least 2-3 times a week to get rid of dry scalp flakes.