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Organic Lip Care Kit

Organic Lip Care Kit

Buy Organic Lip Care Products For Different Lip Concerns

We have too many options when it comes to skincare, that may be serum, scrub, or sunscreen. But for lip care, most beauty brands produce lip balms only. This is when Organic Harvest comes with a unique category of organic lip care products. This category offers a super lip exfoliating, nourishing and plumping product range including lip scrub, lip serum, and lip plumping mask.

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List Of Best Organic Lip Care Products At Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest offers the best lip care products made with a combination of coffee extracts and other organic oils. Here’s the entire list of lip care products which are made for both men and women:

Organic Lip Plumping Mask With Coffee

The organic lip plumping mask is a caffeine-enriched lip care for dark lips containing shea butter and sunflower oil. The formulation is extremely lightweight and smooth to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin providing intense hydration, and adding plumpness, and nourishment to dry lips. This organic lip mask contains antioxidants to lighten pigmentation and removes flaky skin on dry and chapped lips.

Organic Lip Scrub With Coffee

The organic lip scrub is a pure concoction of coffee, extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter and sunflower oil. This coffee-flavoured lip scrub improves blood circulation, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and flakes on the lips. The brown sugar beads present in it, not only exfoliate but also prevent sun damage and even out skin tone making for brighter, softer, and nourished lips.

Organic Lip Serum With Coffee

The organic lip serum is made with the perfect blend of coffee, olive oil, and vitamin E. This caffeine-enriched lip serum makes your lip appear glossier and plump with every application. It works best for dry and chapped lips to provide the required nourishment, care and protection against sun damage. The fast-absorbing consistency of lip serum sinks well into the lips to repair damaged skin tissues, lighten dark lips, and deep-condition them into smooth & luscious-looking lips. 

How To Shop For The Best Quality Natural Lip Care Product?

Are you looking forward to buying the natural lip care products? Well, the best lip care product is made with the right combination of natural exfoliants and skin-brightening ingredients. This formulation does much more than moisturising lips. It helps improve texture, remove flakes and lighten dark lips. Make sure to read the label and ensure there are no harsh chemicals, synthetic substances or artificial essences such as PABA, animal fats, mineral oil, or paraben. Here are some quick pointers for your to keep in mind while choosing the best lip care for dry lips:

  • Made with organic plant-based ingredients & pure oils
  • 100% certified organic lip care product
  • Purest natural, clean, cruelty-free
  • PABA & paraben-free, animal-fat free, mineral-oil free

List Of Best Selling Organic Lip Care Product

Organic Harvest has derived a special range of caffeine-enriched organic lip care products made with natural exfoliants, moisturising and soothing ingredients. Explore the best-selling organic lip care product online and shop your favourite one from the list below:



Organic Lip Plumping Mask With Coffee, 8GM

445 INR

Organic Lip Scrub With Coffee, 8GM

445 INR

Organic Lip Serum With Coffee, 8GM

445 INR

Last Updated: 2nd December 2023

Buy Best Organic Lip Care Products Online 

Organic offers the best lip care products including serum, plumping mask, and lip scrub. All of these products tackle major lip care concerns including dark lips, dry & chapped lips, and uneven skin tone. These lip care products are wholesome to extend your lip care routine from lip balms to lip scrub, lip serum, and lip mask. These lip care products are a great addition to revamp your face care routine. Get your hands on one of your favourite lip care products from the range to achieve naturally soft, plump, and luscious lips from the comfort of your couch.

Shop For The Organic Lip Care Product And Other Skin Care Products Online

Organic Harvest’s lip care products for dark lips are made with the benefits of coffee and shea butter to provide your lips with required nourishment, repair damaged skin texture, and remove pigmentation. All of these lip care products are 100% organic, cruelty-free, and mineral-oil free.

Being an all-organic brand, we are into producing and delivering skincare, haircare and body care products made from ethically sourced organic plant extracts and pure oils. These products are made with the purest form of natural beauty and personal care products devoid of any hazardous elements like artificial essence, animal ingredients, PABA or paraben. 

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Q: What should be in a lip care routine?

The best lip care routine involves step-by-step use in order of lip scrub, lip serum, and lip plumping mask. Top it off with an organic lip balm to keep it moisturised and plump.

Q: What can I use daily for lips?

You can reapply a lip balm in your morning skincare routine and use a lip serum before bedtime. Make sure to use an organic lip scrub 1-2 times a week to exfoliate dead skin cells and lighten pigmentation.

Q: Which lip balm is best for pink lips?

Organic Harvest 3-in-1 lip balm is crafted to act as a protective barrier to your lips, lighten pigmentation and keep it moisturised for longer hours to help you maintain naturally soft & pink lips.